Don’t mess with German Housewives - Thermomix vs. Water Boilers Screenshot ZDF

Don’t mess with German Housewives - Thermomix vs. Water Boilers

By  Tuesday, 10.11.2015, 12:15    General News

A comedy show on German TV usually means that the same 10-15 stand-up comedians travel from show to show and recycle their program, it happens that you watch the same channel with two shows following one another, and the same guy shows up and reads his funny stories from an iPad. There are of course exceptions (heute-show, Nuhr im Ersten – sometimes -, and a handful of others). The shooting star of the German comedy scene is Jan Böhmermann. In the latest episode of his “Neo Magazin Royale” he explains why it’s better to buy one hundred electric water boilers than a Vorwerk Thermomix. The episode went viral in Germany.

The Vorwerk kitchen wonder machine Thermomix is a must have for the middle-class German housewife/man, and is spreading worldwide. Times are hard, and not everyone can afford the “hot-s...”, as the comedian puts it. It happens that people who can’t afford the original, fight (literally) in discounters over wanna-be Thermomixes. Anyway, Böhmermann used the water boilers in the show to cook sausages, eggs and to warm up a readymade cheese-fondue to prove that you don’t have to have a Thermomix for modern, time-saving, low-fat, low-energy cooking, and to live a happy and fulfilling life. Even though Thermomix fans beg to differ.

Most of the dishes that didn’t cause a shorting were eatable. The comedian is now looking for publishers for a “Cooking with Electric Water Boilers” cooking book. You can watch the video of the show by following this link.

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