Apassionata Horse Show at the Olympiahalle Munich January 8-10, 2016 Photo: „APASSIONATA - Zeit für Träume - Freiheitsdressur“ von Apassionata

Apassionata Horse Show at the Olympiahalle Munich January 8-10, 2016

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The APASSIONATA horse show will be returning to the Olympiahalle in Munich on January 9-10, 2016 with its new show, "Under the Mirror’s Spell".

Experience an emotional rollercoaster that will give you goose bumps and thrill you, that will provide you with laughter, amazement and excitement: magnificent riding and dancing, intoxicating music, fascinating lighting effects and magical sets make "Under the Mirror’s Spell" a superlative and unique kind of family entertainment. Playing, free-running horses and wild stunt riders, and get ready for thrills and goose bumps aplenty.

The show consists of the following parts: In the Ocean of Freedom, Spellbinding Vaulters, Free to Roam the Meadow, Doma Vaquera, Western Rider on the Hunt and At the Court of Classical Dressage. Below is what you can expect to see during In the Ocean of Freedom:

Where there is shadow, light cannot be far away: this is why the force that faces the mystical spell of the mirror is luminously white. Pure, unadulterated freedom is represented by Alex Giona and his herd of beautiful white horses. They follow him as his loyal friends – full of mutual respect and trust.

Liberty dressage does indeed possess its very own kind of magic, which deeply touches and impresses audiences. It is the yearning for open-mindedness, closeness and unconditional, unending friendship – a longing of the heart and spirit.

In APASSIONATA – "Under the Mirror's Spell", this moment is the key scene during which a whole new dimension reveals itself. Together with his two free-running, breathtakingly beautiful Friesians, Alex Giona shows he is a star by the light of the moon. Let yourself be enchanted by fantastical, unearthly beauty and harmony.

During the show you will see the following breeds of horses: Azteca, Menorquin, Shire, Pura Raza Espanola, Friesian, Lusitano, Quarter horse, Baroque Pinto, Shetland and Welsh Pony’s and Donkeys.

The APASSIONATA brand stands for magical encounters between man and horse. Peter Massine, one of the most well-known German event organisers in the entertainment industry, is the founder and producer of Europe's most successful family entertainment show with horses.

Tickets prices start from 44 euros. You buy your tickets at Muenchenticket.de.

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