TSV 1860 Munich Investor Interested in Buying the FC Everton? Photo: Wikipedia

TSV 1860 Munich Investor Interested in Buying the FC Everton?

By  Monday, 28.12.2015, 14:02    General News

Interesting times for both of the major football teams in Munich. While the FC Bayern is readying for the departure of Pep Guardiola and the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti, the Lion’s of the TSV 1860 Munich are concerned with not sliding down to the third tier of German football and with the trouble relationship between 60% owner Hasan Ismaik and local officials and fans.

The third youngest billionaire in the Middle-East and unloved TSV 1860 Munich 60% owner, Jordanian national Hasan Ismaik (39), seems to have had enough of the Lion’s. As we reported, Ismaik might be willing to sell his share at the TSV for some 40 million euros, but he hasn’t lost interest in investing in the sport.

In last week’s interview with the Daily Telegraph he expressed interest in buying a Premiership or a Champinonship club. In the interview he said: “The difficulties we are facing in Germany means we are kind of regretting not coming to the UK and makes us think that we should now come and buy a club here and invest in a country where the football is so entertaining and so passionate.” Ismaik cannot launch a complete takeover because of the statutes of the DFL (German football league) and its 50+1 rule. Although he owns 60% of the club, he only has 49% of voting rights. He also feels a lack of respect for him in Munich.

He said: “We want to be somewhere also where we are given more respect. We want to own a club where we can move forward, somewhere that wants to grow and improve and be successful. But, most of all, when you invest in football you want to have fun.”

According to winnersports.co.uk, Hasan Ismaik is interested in buying the FC Everton.

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