Star Wars Identities Exhibition in Munich, May 16 – Oct 17 2016

Star Wars Identities Exhibition in Munich, May 16 – Oct 17 2016

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Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition is an exhibition that serves as an interactive experience mainly exploring the characters of Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker. The characters are scrutinized by three major themes: their origins, the influences that shaped them, and the choices they made during their lives. This also touches on characters such as R2-D2, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, and how their individual relations and roles affected Luke and Anakin. The exhibition tours the world and you can see it at Munich’s Kleine Olympiahalle (Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21) from May 14 until October 17, 2016. Tickets cost 24.95 euros and you can buy them at

The exhibition also explores the factors that shape an individual, such as genetics and familial and social influences, using the Star Wars universe as background. The visitor is invited to create an original Star Wars character based on him- or herself, temporarily stored to a smart-technology bracelet or key card, by interacting with ten stations throughout the exhibit. For example, by the first station where the visitor chooses a race (based on a selection of fifteen Star Wars races) and gender, genetics is explored as an influence. Who would you be if you were a character from Star Wars?A Twi’lek bounty hunter? A Wookiee Jedi Knight? Or maybe an Ewok with fighter-pilot skills? Here’s your chance to find out. Unleash your creativity as you build your personal and unique Star Wars Hero. Visitors of all ages explore their own identities and learn about the forces that shape them in this exciting character design quest. Each answer given along the identity quest is one step in the creation of a complete character profile.

Visitors view the final result—their new and unique Star Wars character—for the first time at the end of the exhibition, and can request to receive a more detailed version of the character profile by email, which can then be consulted from home or shared using social media platforms.

Equipped with a smart technology bracelet, every visitor is invited to respond to a series of identity questions at interactive stations throughout the exhibition. These character-design stations are interwoven seamlessly with the exhibition’s collection and scientific content and form the backbone of the exhibition experience.

Items in the exhibition include original props used for filming, models for special effects, costumes worn by the actors, original concept art, and production notes for the films and later productions such as Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The exhibition has been developed by Canadian producers X3 Productions in association with Lucasfilm and is an idea of George Lucas. You can learn more about the exhibition by watching the video below.

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