Latest Police Statement Following New Year’s Eve Terrorist Threat in Munich Photo: Richard Huber, CC BY-SA 3.0

Latest Police Statement Following New Year’s Eve Terrorist Threat in Munich

By  Friday, 1.1.2016, 17:40    General News

Two major railway stations in Munich have been evacuated on New Year’s Eve following terrorist threats warnings from foreign intelligence sources. German authorities received the tip one hour ahead of the beginning of celebrations in the city. Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae said that “five to seven” suspects were believed to be involved in planning a “suicide attack”. Apparently two suicide bombers and five helpers were planning to cause chaos at midnight in the Bavarian capital.

The police issued warnings during the night using media and social networks. In their most recent statement (2pm local time) on their official Facebook page, Munich police wrote:

Updates to terror alert in Munich

According to the current status of investigations, there is no imminent terror threat in Munich. The current situation is as it was prior to last night’s concrete information.

Due to serious recent warnings, the police regarded the terror threat to be high risk during New Year’s Eve.

The very concrete evidence of intelligence sources pointed to a suicide attack with five to seven offenders from the environment of the IS in the center of Munich. Key objectives should in this case have been the Munich Central Station and / or the railway station in Pasing. The two stations were blocked before midnight. The train traffic was diverted. The S- and subways drove through without stopping...

Police forces from the entire Bavarian region were concentrated in Munich. Under the leadership of Police Vice President Feiler, there were more than 550 officers in operation. The Federal Police was reinforced. A specification of the warning has not occurred during the night. The closures of the stations have been lifted at 3:30am. The train traffic is possible again since and will probably normalize during the day. Since then, enhanced selective controls by the police take place at all entrances to the stations.

The Munich police continues to work with increased personnel to remedy the situation and to identify possible suspects. There will be increased police presence during the next days to ensure a maximum of safety for the people of Munich.”

The Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae thanked the Munich public for their understanding and tolerance of the police actions. He asks for your understanding in the coming day as an increased number of checks in the area. He also thanked his troops for their commitment shown on New Year's Eve and during the whole year 2015.

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