Analysis: These Are the Most Popular Radio Stations in Munich Photo: CC0 Public Domain

Analysis: These Are the Most Popular Radio Stations in Munich

By  Friday, 4.3.2016, 20:44    General News

Listening to local radio stations is becoming a trend again and Munich’s radio stations are benefiting from it. As presented on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 by in the Media Analysis 2016 Radio I report, local radio stations enjoy great popularity. Among the Munich stations Radio Gong 96.3 ranks first, followed by Energy Munchen and 95.5 Charivari. The Bavaria-wide leader is Antenne Bayern ahead of Bayern 1.

Bavarians love to listen to the radio - which the media analysis more than clear. On an average the radio is on working days for 213 minutes. This is well above the German national average of 189 minutes). 83.2 per cent of the German-speaking Bavarian population listens to the radio. Radio Gong 96.3 reaches 65,000 listeners per hour and 356,000 listeners per day in total. In Energy Munchen radio station reaches 58,000 listeners per hour and 307,000 per day, while 95.5 Charivari comes to 38,000 listeners per hour and has a daily average of 172,000. Radio Arabella has the most listeners of the Munich stations, because it has a further reach than the other mentioned stations.

Antenne Bayern is Number 1 in Bavaria

Radio Charivari and Arabella are both part of the Bayern Funkpaket, a state-wide association of 57 local radio stations. This association is the radio listeners in Bavaria 3rd in terms of popularity, with a total of 994,000 listeners per hour and 2.8 million per day. At the top of the most popular radio stations in Bavaria is Antenne Bayern with an average of nearly 1.26 million listeners per hour and 3.65 million per day. Bayern 1 is second (1.27 Mio./2,59 million) before the aforementioned Bayern Funkpaket. Bayern 3 follows with 806,000 listeners per hour, and approximately 2.55 million daily in fourth place.

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