Festivals in Munich: Munich Biennale, May 28-June 9

Festivals in Munich: Munich Biennale, May 28-June 9

By  Thursday, 17.3.2016, 10:06    Festivals in Munich

The Munich Biennale is worldwide the only festival that shows exclusively world premieres of new music theatre works. In 2016 the festival is set to take place between May 28 and June 9. The Munich Biennale 2016 is presenting itself in a temporally and spatially concentrated form. This means that in a very short period there will be more premieres and a distinctly higher concentration of performances, and all of this very close to Muffatwerk, the festival center. All of the performance venues can be reached easily on foot from here, whether it is Müller'sche Volksbad, the Gasteig Cultural Center, the art spaces at Lothringer13, or Einstein Kultur. Some of the happenings will take place in municipal spaces, for instance, a bus opera, a »homeopathic mob«, or an opera in a city quarter.


The motto of the festival’s 2016 instalment is “OmU – Original mit Untertiteln” (“original version with subtitles”). Biennale organisers and curators say:”... and comes initially from a cinematic context, but it very quickly becomes clear that it could, for example, also be called »original version with supertitles«, like what occurs during most opera performances. And what does originality mean, what is a translation within music theatre, within its templates, libretti, scores, performances, traditions, documentations, and stories of its reception … just to imply the thematic circle here.”

Tickets for the Munich Biennale will be on sale from April 15 from Muenchenticket.de.

The programme of the Biennale is huge. A complete list of all part taking artists, world premieres, performances, discussions and installations by venue is available in English at the official site of the Biennale.

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