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Bavarian Food/Titbit Lexicon

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The following explanations of Bavarian Schmankerls (titbits, tidbits) comes from top Bavarian and Munich Schmankerl experts and is taken and translated from, the website of the illustrious Association of Restaurateurs of Central Munich, but first, here’s what they have to say about eating habits at the Bavarian capital in general:

“Munich is a city of constant eating. In the early morning folks hurry along with a good coffee and a fresh donut to go. Those with the time find a spot in a café at Marienplatz for a lingering breakfast. Do you prefer continental, healthy, sweet, or Bavarian? Doesn't matter, they're all available! Beginning the day with white veal sausage and wheat beer will, however, provide you with a certain relaxed weightiness that perfectly matches our humanely leisurely city tempo. In between maybe grab a big buttered pretzel or a proper hot bologna roll.

At noon, choose from roast pork, meatloaf, river trout, grilled sausages, or crunchy fresh market salads. Local producers manage to put an amazing variety of foods on our plates. In the afternoon, we are tempted by Bavarian sausage and cheese specialty plates with hearty bread - or by heavenly cakes.


And in the evening? The Munich bars chug merrily along, ranging from rowdy and rustic medieval meals to the quieter romance of - oh yes - Bavarian haute cuisine! End the day with Bavarian tapas or dive into the social life of the city with a bit of glitz and glamor. Munich's real gastronomical highlight is its diversity. We, your Munich city center restaurateurs, invite you to enjoy this variety.”

Alles klar? Here is the Lexicon:

Augustiner - beer from Munich's oldest brewery. In Munich it is registered with care and interest that the Augustiner is now being enjoyed at trendy pubs and bars in Berlin, where it enjoys great popularity. No objections here, but alas, you Prussians drink it all!

Auszogne ​​(Undressed, naked one) - pancake specialty with powdered sugar icing. Also known as the Schmalznudel. You can also admire Auszogne ​​at the English Garden. However, they are not always as tasty as the dough product.

Brezn (Pretzel) - staple food for Bavarian babies and toddlers which can develop an amazing adhesive effect on clothing and skin. A Brezn can also acts as a starter, a cooking ingredient or as a faithful companion of culinary specialties like the Weißwurst.

Brotzeit (Bread time) - important small snack that you take in Bavaria when the breakfast already was too long ago, or it’s too long to wait for dinner. As a hungry Bavarian tends to become a grumpy one, the invitation to a Brotzeit should be accepted without protest at all times.

Fleischpflanzerl (meatball) - nothing for vegetarians! As “Pflanzerl” means plant (as in vegetable, etc.), the Fleischpflanzerl gets mistaken for a flower or meat substitute.

Grantige Bedienung (grumpy service/waiter/waitress) – easily recognizable by its harsh tone and grumpy nature. Formerly inhabited throughout Bavaria, it has become increasingly rare and is now a protected species. Guests are therefore stopped to indulge and handle them with the necessary care.

Maß – the only true consumption unit for beer.

Obatzda (Bavarian cheese based bread spread) – a grammatically challenging cheese specialty, whose spelling and declination causes disputes which are discussed over one or more Maß. Indispensable during extended beer garden visits.

Reinheitsgebot (Beer Purity Law) – you can basically discuss anything in Bavaria, even some of the regulations. When it comes to the Reinheitsgebot, the fun/discussion ends.

Wammerl (pork belly) – 1 Wammerl is often found in menus at Bavarian restaurants as a crispy roast. 2 One can also develop a Wammerl by the excessive consumption of local food and beer. A Wammerl is essential for the image of a Bavarian male.

Weißwurst (white veal sausage) - soothing Munich delicacy. The combination of Weißwurst, wheat beer and sweet mustard can be a heavenly delight.


Z'samrutschen (to slide closer together) - traditional Bavarian reservation system. Z'amrutschen ensures that the guest still finds a place, even at completely crowded places. The new guests will be integrated after Z'samrutschen in table fellowship, as if you were to know him/her for 100 years.

Zuzeln (verb. sucking) - controversial way of Weißwurst consumption. The sausage is gripped with fingers and the content is being sucked out of the sausage casing. The zuzeling has no impact on the flavour of the sausage. However, the sight of someone zuzeling is considered to be very unappetizing.

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