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When you visit Munich or Germany for the first time, you might be surprised at the fact that WiFi internet connections aren’t as easily accessible as in many other countries these days. If you are eating at a hotel restaurant, but aren’t a guest of the hotel, you might not get the password to connect at all. The reason for this are of legal nature, the one supplying the connection is responsible for its use. We won’t go further into detail with this, and you won’t have a problem connecting at public places in central Munich. Here is a map with the WiFi hotspots in central Munich.

If you are moving into an apartment and have to take care of the internet connection yourself, you need to get in touch with the provider of your choice, select the desired tariff and have the connection activated. There are various options from which to choose. Before signing a contract, please take note of any minimum terms and stipulations regarding notice of termination as well as the different rates available, most of the provides will try to wheel you in for 24 month contracts. There are several price comparison sites that provide a useful overview of the price and service categories offered by different providers, check out and


The market of internet in Germany is like in many countries an oligopoly where a few service providers are sharing between them most of the users. The overall quality of infrastructure is excellent and the level service users get for the average price is good. Expect a €15 - €30 bill for a broadband flat-rate connection with decent speed. After you choose a provider, it may take up to 14 days to get connected.

The City of Munich partly owns internet, phone and TV provider M-net, so this might be the best choice, as they are constantly investing in high-speed infrastructure in Munich. The company provides much of Bavaria with ground-breaking communication technology. In Munich, M-net in collaboration with the Stadtwerke München also promotes the development of its own fibre-optic high speed network.

With a sensational transfer rate of up to 100,000 Kbit/s even high-definition television will be able to be viewed over the internet in the future. Both private customers and companies profit from the most modern technology, good value telephone, internet and mobile tariffs as well as excellent customer service. You can check out their current offer here. They also have tens of shops in Munich and there is a good chance you’ll find English speaking staff to get more info. You can find the one closest to your location here.

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