Moving to Munich: US Citizens in Bavaria

Moving to Munich: US Citizens in Bavaria

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Currently there are people from over 180 countries living in Munich. Foreign residents account for around 25 per cent of the Bavarian capital's total population – more than in any other German city. In 2013, some 6,300 US citizens lived in Munich. All in all, around 23,400 US citizens have permanently moved to the Free State of Bavaria. Munich has been twinned with the city of Cincinnati in the state of Ohio since 1989. The Free State of Bavaria has had an official partnership with the state of Georgia since 2007. Bavaria has also maintained its own representations in New York since 1996 and in San Francisco since 1999. In addition, four federal states of the USA are represented in Munich.

Over the years, a sizable international business community has taken shape in Munich. Their knowledge and experience enrich the city, contributing to its unique flair as a cosmopolitan place to live and work. If you are thinking about coming to live in the Bavarian capital and are or will be looking for a job here, below is a list of big US companies with European or German headquarters located in Munich.

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US Companies in Munich

About 600 US corporations have set up branches and offices in and around Munich. They appreciate Munich's location in the heart of Europe as a valuable gateway to Central and Eastern Europe. An excellent infrastructure, a rich and highly qualified labour pool and close proximity to both customers and cooperation partners in the business and scientific communities provide further compelling arguments for the Bavarian capital. Employees from abroad quickly become integrated here, taking advantage of an attractive array of international schools, nurseries, cultural facilities and networks. Some of the biggest US companies represented in Munich are:

General Electric Holding GmbH (Corporate Communications/GE Global Research Europe/GE Austria and Switzerland)

Intel GmbH (European HQ)

Philip Morris GmbH (German HQ)

Texas Instruments Deutschland GmbH (German HQ)

Amgen GmbH (German HQ)

Baxter Deutschland GmbH (German HQ)

Bio-Rad Laboratories GmbH (German HQ)

Bristol-Myers Squibb GmbH & Co. KG (German HQ)

Information and telecommunication systems

Apple GmbH (German HQ)

Cisco Systems GmbH (German HQ)

Google Germany GmbH (branch office)

IBM Deutschland GmbH (Financial Industry Solutions)

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH (German HQ)

ORACLE Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG (German HQ)

Yahoo Deutschland GmbH (German HQ)

Sony Music Entertainment GmbH (German HQ)

The Walt Disney Company (Germany) GmbH (German HQ)

Kraft Foods Deutschland GmbH (research and development center)

McDonald's Deutschland Inc. (German HQ)

San Francisco Coffee Company GmbH (German HQ)

Wrigley GmbH (German HQ) GmbH (German HQ)

Bain & Company Germany Inc. (German HQ)

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (branch office)

McKinsey & Company Inc. (branch office)

The Boston Consulting Group GmbH (German HQ)

Munich-based global players such as BMW and Siemens have been manufacturing very successfully in the USA for decades. BMW, the biggest exporter of vehicles produced in the USA, has become a symbol of Bavarian-American cooperation. Yet the people of Bavaria too are attracted to life in the USA. Over the past ten years, approximately 90,000 Bavarians have moved there.

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