Budget Hotels in Munich West

Budget Hotels in Munich West

By  Sunday, 26.6.2016, 23:39    Budget Hotels

Below is a list of budget hotels in the western districts of the Bavarian capital. All places on the list have a regular price for a single room with breakfast below €65. Prices during the Oktoberfest beer festival are much higher. In the second list there are places which are cheaper but don’t offer breakfast.

Budget Hotels in Munich West

Köberl, Hotel, Bodenseestr. 222, 81243 Munich

Moosbichl, Hotel, Rathgeberstr. 3, 80997 Munich

Aurora, Hotel, Limesstr. 68a, 81243 Munich

Seibel‘s Park Hotel, Maria-Eich-Str. 32, 81243 Munich

Zur Post, Hotel, Bodenseestr. 4a, 81241 Munich

Petra, Hotel, Marschnerstr. 73, 81245 Munich

Laimer Hof am Schloss, Hotel, Laimer Str. 40, 80639 Munich

Stadt Pasing, Hotel garni, Blumenauer Str. 131, 81241 Munich

B&B Hotel München City-West garni, Tübinger Str. 5, 80686 Munich

MEININGER Hotel München City Center, Landsberger Str. 20, 80339 Munich

Härtl, Hotel-Pension, Verdistr. 135, 81247 Munich

Ahorn, Hotel, Verdistr. 137, 81247 Munich

Imperial, Hotel, Landsberger Str. 463, 81241 Munich

guenstigschlafen24.de, Hotel, Verdistr. 21, 81247 Munich

Business & Budget Hotel Tessin, Landsberger Str. 291, 80687 Munich

Western Munich Hotels not serving Breakfast

Im Bunker, Hotel und Boardinghouse, Lautenschlägerstr. 26, 80999 Munich

Belo Sono, Pension, Gollierstr. 36, 80339 Munich

LetoMotel München Moosach, Bunzlauer Str. 5, 80992 Munich

Mayr, Pension, Rathochstr. 77, 81247 Munich

Am Knie, Pension, Strindbergstr. 33, 81241 Munich

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