Bayxit to Follow Brexit? Photo: CCO Public Domain

Bayxit to Follow Brexit?

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Even Google asked a couple of times if we meant “Bayit” (whatever that may be) instead of “Bayxit”, but Bayxit is correct and it’s what the Bayernpartei (which exists since 1946) demands, according to today’s, July 14, 2016 reports by (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) and, as well as a post on the party’s official Facebook page.

"The withdrawal of the UK can be an opportunity for democracy in the EU. (...) This democratic decision must be respected and any form of scaremongering is unfounded "wrote the Bayern party shortly thereafter on Facebook, and continued: "For Bavaria, the time of a referendum has come.”

The party has been calling for an independent Bavaria since 1946 been. The party has shown that they are capable of self-irony. During the European Elections Campaign in 2009, the Bayern party posted posters in Berlin saying: "Don’t you want to get rid of the Bavaria?" The party has also reserved the domain (

At first glance, the secession of Bavaria seems absurd, but such requests are apparently many fans within the Bavarian population. According to a survey by the Hanns Seidel Foundation from 2011, 40 per cent of all Bavarians want more independence from the federal government; almost a quarter advocates an autonomous Bavarian state, reports further. The party hasn’t managed to get over the 5 per cent hurdle in elections anywhere, but recent elections have shown a growth in support and the results are close to those in the 60ies, when the party peaked.

Interestingly, results of recent elections show growing support for the party from young people in the Free State of Bavaria, aged 18 – 30.

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