Munich Airport Creates 2 Jobs per Day Photo: Munich Airport/Fabian Helmich

Munich Airport Creates 2 Jobs per Day

By  Tuesday, 19.7.2016, 20:24    News

The Munich Airport has been regularly publishing positive news and press releases, as for years there is a discussion and dispute within Bavaria, also within the ruling party CSU, on whether or not to build a third runway at the airport, one of the reasons a decision on the runway is being postponed is that the local population is against it. Below are some facts on the jobs at the Airport, including data on where in Bavaria the people working at the Airport come from.

The new 2015 Munich Airport Employment Survey, which has been released this past Thursday, July 14, 2016, shows that the number of employees at the airport increased by 2,470 since the last survey to 34,720 at the end of 2012. Statistically, that means that 2.25 new jobs are created at Munich Airport every day!

Munich Airport collects employment data for the entire airport every three years, summing up key figures on employment trends. The latest study, which is now available, takes Thursday, December 31, 2015 as the reporting date, and is based on data provided by 550 companies and public-sector employers operating at the airport. Since the first survey in 1994, which reported a total of 15,450 airport employees, the workforce has more than doubled.

The biggest employers at Munich Airport are the Lufthansa Group, with 11,100 employees, and FMG, which, with its subsidiaries, employs a total of 8,900 people. "With the continuing robust demand for personnel, Munich Airport is and will remain a powerful locomotive for the economy and employment," said Dr Michael Kerkloh, the CEO of Munich Airport at the presentation of the new study at the Munich Press Club.

The various towns and districts of Bavaria are also benefiting from the boom in employment at the airport. The importance of the airport for the labour market in the surrounding region is especially noteworthy. One in four regular jobs with social insurance coverage in the districts of Freising and Erding is located at Munich Airport.

The largest group of airport employees with regard to place of residence are the 7,300 airport staff living in the district of Freising. This represents a 3.4 per cent increase since the last survey in 2012. Munich ranks second, with 7,250 Airport employees (an increase of 6.6 per cent), and about 5,600 employees live in the district of Erding (an increase of 9.2 per cent). The city and district of Landshut, in Lower Bavaria, is home to 3,690 airport employees, or 14.7 per cent more than three years ago. The airport has 4,600 employees who live elsewhere in Bavaria (+15.3 per cent) and 3,880 live even further away (+12.3 per cent).

Almost 90 per cent of all jobs at the airport are in regular employment relationships with social insurance coverage - significantly more than the Germany-wide average of 72 per cent at present. The new study also shows that the average gross annual income of airport employees has increased by nearly 9 per cent to more than 46,700 euros since the last survey, and is thus about 12,600 euros higher than the average annual gross earnings in the entire services sector in 2015 according to the German Federal Statistics Office.

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