Exhibition Hommage à Picasso with a Host of Accompanying Events

Exhibition Hommage à Picasso with a Host of Accompanying Events

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The The exhibition “Hommage à Picasso” exhibition opens today, July 22, 2016 at one of Munich’s most vibrant cultural and event locations, the Künstlerhaus (House of Artists). The exhibition presents 48 original graphics by Pablo Picasso, 24 of which are illustrations for Honoré de Balzac’s “Le Chef d´œuvre inconnu”, as well as 71 original graphic works by some his most renowned contemporaries, such as Joan Miró, Henry Moore, Andy Warhol, Eduardo Paolozzi or Nikki de Saint Phalle. The exhibition will remain open throughout the summer, until September 18, and you can read all about it here.

A host of cultural events, concerts, readings and workshops have been organised to accompany the exhibition and we have listed and described all of them for you below.


Flamenco y Picasso – De Málaga à Paris

Tuesday, 26.07.2016 | Wednesday, 27.07.2016 | Wednesday, 03.08.2016 19:30 PM, inner courtyard

After last year’s very successful „Flamenco y Goya“, Flamenco-dancer Gisa Michelón, Singer Estela Sanz Posteguillo and their musicians dedicate their new stage performance to Pablo Picasso – another exceptional Spanish artist. In dance and song, they follow his life and his creative periods and by that take a musical journey from Picasso’s Spanish home in Malaga to his stays in the artist-metropolis Paris. Surprising moments and unexpected turns of events await the spectator during this journey – a Flamenco evening as multi-facetted as Picasso himself.

Flamenco puro

Wednesday, 07.09.2016 | Friday, 09.09.2016 19:30 PM, inner courtyard

The internationally acclaimed Flamenco-dancer Montserrat Suárez presents – together with dancer Mawi de Cádiz, guitarist Alejandro Suárez (both from Cádiz, Andalusia) and singer Granados from Jeréz de la Frontera – the traditional Flamenco: Passionate, temperamental and captivating.

Admission Flamenco-Evenings: Adults € 22,- / Concession € 11,- Combination ticket with Picasso exhibition: Adult € 29,- | Concession € 15,-


Monday, 05.09.2016 | Tuesday, 06.09.2016, 19:30 PM, ballroom

The Munich Way of Dance by the „Dance Theater of Munich“ and his choreographer Mathias Schwarz.

In the full-length production ABUSED WITH LOVE Janine Gomig’s dance-company uses dance to find answers to the question “How do I survive love”

Admission: Adult: Cat. I € 28,- / Cat. II 24,- | Concession € 11,-

Combination ticket with Picasso exhibition: Adult Cat.I € 35,- /Cat.II 31,- | Concession € 16,-




A puppet theatre grotesque by Georg Jenisch


4th of August 2016 at 19.30 PM

Further dates: August: 05.08. / 06.08. / 18.08. / 19.08. / 20.08.

September: 01.09. / 02.09. / 03.09. / 16.09. / 17.09. / 18.09.

19.30 PM, ballroom

Picasso and the women!

Bulging with life and revelling in the joy of playing, Georg Jenisch brings the obsessions of the iconic artist to the stage, marking his 8th puppet theatre production for Munich Künstlerhaus. The focal point of his grotesque is Picasso himself, depicting how he stumbles from one amorous adventure to another. The women are muse, model, lifeblood – and become a motor for his body of work.

An experimental theatre evening which blurs the lines between biography, theatre and fine arts by means of majestic puppets - which are up to 4 metres in height – a variety of forms, abstractions and wondrous metamorphosis. Following Picasso’s motto: Others write diaries, I paint.


Georg Jenisch created a musical collage of musical pieces by composers who wrote for the legendary „Ballets Russes“ – one of the most outstanding ballet ensembles of the 20th century. In cooperation with visual artists, ballets with a strong focus on stage design were created. Picasso created stage sets and costumes too. Composers like Strawinsky and de Falla stand side by side with Respingi and Satie and give an insight into how vital the strive for new musical expressions was back in those times.

Admission: Adult € 22,- | Concession € 11,-

Combination ticket with Picasso exhibition: Adult € 29,- | Concession € 15,-


SUCHER’s PASSION with C. Bernd Sucher

The theatre-connoisseur, critic and author C. Bernd Sucher over the course of 6 evenings engages with Picasso’s work and life and will present choice treasures from the literature about Picasso.

Pablo Picasso the poet

»Actually, all kinds of art form a single kind of art«

28.07.2016 and 16.08.2016, 19:30 PM, Club

C. Bernd Sucher and actor Jakob Tögel

Pablo Picasso and his women

»Love betrays its weapons«

11.08.2016 and 08.09.2016, 19:30 PM, Club

C. Bernd Sucher with actor Ines Hollinger

Pablo Picasso and his friends: Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, Guillaume Apollinaire and Henri Rousseau

02.08.2016 and 25.08.2016, 19:30 PM, Club

C. Bernd Sucher with actor Sebastian Griegel

Admission: Adult € 22,- | Concession € 11,-

Combination ticket with Picasso exhibition: Adult € 29,- | Concession € 15,-


Chansons by Edith Piaf

Friday, 26.08.2016, 19:30 PM, inner courtyard

Edith Piaf – that means myth, legend and pure passion. Supported by Christoph Pauli at the piano and Maria Reiter playing the accordion, Kerstin Heiles follows the footstep of the admired chansonnière. She sings her way into the audience’s hearts by means of a voice which makes you feel that legendary Edith Piaf is alive again.

Admission: Adult € 22,- | Concession € 11,-

Combination ticket with Picasso exhibition: Adult € 29,- | Concession € 15,-


On Monday nights during the exhibition the Künstlerhaus presents regularly exceptional artist biopics of Pablo Picasso

Monday, 01.08.2016: Picasso - L'inventaire d'une vie

Directed by: Hugues Nancy, Screenplay by: Hugues Nancy and Olivier Widmaier Picasso Documentary 2013, 110 Min.

Monday 08.08.2016: Picasso & Braques go to the movies

Directed by: Arne Glimcher; Documentary 2008, 60 Min.

Monday 15.08.2016: Surviving Picasso

Directed by: James Ivory; film 1996, 125 Min.

Monday 22.08.2016: Le mystère Picasso

Directed by: Henry-Georges Clouzot; Documentary 1956, 78 Min.

Monday 29.08.2016: 13 days in the life of Pablo Picasso

Directed by: Pierre Philippe; Documentary, 2002, 186 Min.

8 PM, ballroom

Tickets exclusively at the box office

Adult € 8,- | Combination ticket with Picasso exhibition € 15,-

08 07 20 Litho Kindernachmittag 107


Lithography workshops for adults: ‘Gravure Painting – Flat Printing’

During the workshops, the participants can try the techniques of etching and lithography under professional guidance for a whole morning. Both techniques will be explained and there is the possibility for the participants to do their own prints with both of them.


Saturdays 10 AM to 3 PM

August: 06.08. / 13.08. / 20.08. / 27.08.

September: 03.09. / 10.09. / 17.09.

Prices & Registration

€ 60,- for the 5-hour workshop including admission to the exhibition and expenses for materials used. Register under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Phone 0049 – (0)89 - 5991 8414.

Lithography workshops for kids and young people:

» Heavy stones, polished sheet and delicate print «

What is the difference betweenan original and a copy? What does the word lithography mean? How does an etching come together? During a print demonstration the kids will be able to try their hand on the techniques of lithography and etching. Both techniques will be explained and we'll put together a piece of art which the kids can print themselves. The kids experience, how much time and craftmanship is needed. During the demonstration we'll discuss aboute the timliness of those techniques in comparison to computers and printers. The surface of the printing plate will be divided inti equal sections. The finished sheet of paper will be cut, making sure every child can take his own, self-created print home.


2-hour workshops

Children 6 to 9 years, Mondays: 08.08./ 15.08./ 22.08./ 29.08./ 05.09. || 10 AM - noon Children 10 to 14 years, Saturdays: 06.08./ 13.08./ 20.08./ 27.08./ 03.09./ 10.09. || 4 PM-6 PM 5-hour workshops

Children 6 to 14 years

Tuesdays: 09.08./ 15.08./ 23.08. /30.08. || 10 AM-3 PM

Prices & registration:

•             Lithogrophy workshops for children (2 hours) € 7,- / € 11,- incl. admission to the exhibition / € 4,- with holiday pass / € 7,- with holiday pass incl. admission to the exhibition

•             Lithogrophy workshops for children (5 hours) € 17,50

max. 9 children per workshop / Registration min. 3 days in advance under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: +49 (0) 89/ 59 91 84 14


Who is a Picasso here?

Introduction to the graphic work of Picasso and art workshop

"As a child everybody is an artist. The problem is to stay one as an adult." Picasso

After a tour of the "Hommage à Picasso" exhibition at Munich Künstlerhaus, the kids will create ink drawings with calligraphy brushes and drawing pens. Inspired by Picasso's line-dot- drawings and the graphics created for Balzac's novel "Le Chef-d'oeuvre inconnu" the kids create their own artistic masterpiece. The kids can also leave the creation of their works to chance in Picasso's spirit: "If you know exactly what you want to do, why should you do it?"

Dates & prices:

22. July to 30. September 2016: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 AM to 11.30 AM (Please request additional dates under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Child € 7,-; School classes and groups of 12 or more € 5,-; Suitable for children 5 of age or older.

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