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The Tambosi at the Odensplatz is closing, as we have written on Friday, July 22, 2016. One of the reasons were higher rents in Munich, but the reasons for a change at one of the most attractive spots at the Odensplatz are a bit more complex, as the owner family of the building where the “Caffè Luigi Tambosi” is located is also interested in modernising the building and a change in concept. The renovation is set to begin in early 2017.

In yesterday’s post we had also, between the lines, expressed concern that an international burger, coffeehouse or another kind of multinational chain might take over at the Odensplatz 18 and make the address more “global”. According to today’s post in the Regio section in the online edition of, this is very unlikely to happen. Even though it is still unknown who is going to follow as leaseholder after the Waldeckers, who have been running the Tambosi over the past twenty years, move out after December 31, 2016.

The Bild article is headlined: “Augustiner schmeißt Tambosi raus! – Auf Münchens schönster Sonnen-Terrasse soll nächstes Jahr Nachtleben einziehen” (Augustiner is Kicking Tambosi Out - Munich’s Most Beautiful Sun-Terrace to Make Room for Nightlife from Next Year on). The bombastic headline refers to the owner of the building, the Inselkammer Group, owned by the Inselkammer family. The family company also owns some 30% of the Augustiner brewery. The Waldeckers told Bild that: “The owner wants a bar concept for nightlife and a modern brasserie-concept."

A spokesperson for the Inselkammer Group told the newspaper: "The building must urgently be renovated. This will happen during a few months next year.” They went on saying: “We definitely do not want anything as a coffeehouse or a burger chain to move in. We are looking for a self-responsible leaseholder who can develop an own idea and style.”

To us this seems to be a reasonable plan, as Munich needs more quality nightlife options, and unless the future leaseholder sets aim at attracting vampires as guests, the sun will keep on shining down at “the most beautiful sun-terrace” of the Bavarian capital.

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