Coping with Grief the Munich Way – a Beer for a Smile Photo: Facebook

Coping with Grief the Munich Way – a Beer for a Smile

By  Sunday, 24.7.2016, 20:15    News

After a young hobby football player from Munich found out that an acquaintance of his was amongst the victims of the shooting at the OEZ on Friday, July 22, 2016, he was shook up and decided to call up a teammate from the “BlackRebelMotorSoccerClub” on Saturday to talk to him about it, reports today. The teammate and captain of the team, Markus Klausmann, invited the caller, the youngest member of the team, over to his place in Munich’s Maxvorstadt borough.

He was looking for a way to do something good and cheer the young man up a bit. He thought of... beer. They went out and bought a case of beer and gave out a bottle to everyone who was willing to share a smile. One smile entitled the one smiling to a free beer from the two.

They put up a poster under the window of Klausmann’s apartment and lowered the beer to smiling passers-by, as the streets of Maxvorstadt were ghostly empty on Friday, following the shooting an on Saturday. The” 1 Smile. 1 Beer. Munich. Smile. Again.” action changed that and people began gathering again. Other teammates brought five more cases, then someone brought another four, and finally the nearby burrito place brought burritos.


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Heinrich Mann

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