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German MP: Farewell-Culture Instead of Welcoming-Culture

By  Tuesday, 26.7.2016, 09:35    News

“Willkommenskultur” (welcoming culture) was what German Chancellor Angela Merkel and many Germans promote during the refugee crisis. The term described the way the German public found to be the best way of dealing with the huge number of refugees pouring into the country. It was a way of showing those people that Germans understood what they had went through and that the country and its people are glad and willing to help.

The term is now often used to criticise the policy of the German Chancellor. A politician is now calling for a change towards a “Abschiedskultur” (farewell-culture), reports this morning, July 26, 2016 quoting an interview of CDU (Angela Merkel’s arty) MP Armin Schuster for Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten.

With Abschiedskultur the interior policy expert from Baden-Wurttemberg refers to the 200,000 asylum-seekers in Germany whose asylum requests have already been denied, but are still in the country. The statement comes after the Ansbach suicide bombing on Sunday evening, July 24, 2016.

“We are dragging the problem of those 200,000 people with us to every new and additional problem,” he said in the interview. He also questioned whether authorities are always able to even determine from which country the refugees are coming and as a result of this, he says that many people were being granted asylum for unjustified reasons.

He states that refugees see the German laws as lax: “Some are under the impression that they can get away with anything because they don’t understand how mildly the state responds to violations of the law.”

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