Plans for 900 new Apartments in Munich-Feldmoching Exhibited Photo:

Plans for 900 new Apartments in Munich-Feldmoching Exhibited

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900 new apartments are going to be built near the central rail station in Munich-Felmoching in the north of the Bavarian capital, reported yesterday, July 25, 2016. If you are looking to buy an apartment in Munich in the coming years, you can see what the buildings are going to like from today until August 5, 2016 at the Planungsreferat der Landeshauptstadt München (Munich Planning Department, Blumenstrasse 28b).

The anonymous urban and landscape competition awarded in cooperation with the regional capital of Munich has been decided. The jury, under the chairmanship of Prof. Pesch, who also listened to the representatives of the regional capital and the district, unanimously nominated the design by 03 Architekten, Munich with landschaftsarchitektur, Freising for the first prize.

The goal of the competition was to draft a plan for the currently largely underused 14 ha plot for around 900 apartments. The plot in the Munich district of Feldmoching is bordered by the train tracks to the West and the Ratoldstrasse to the South.

Prof. Pesch substantiates the decision of the jury: "Those drafting the winning design achieved an urban concept with particular vibrancy. It skilfully conveys an informal sequence of green housing complexes between the various different standards of the existing buildings on the Ratoldstrasse. Incoming paths are sensibly picked up and led through attractive interior spaces to the green corridors along the railway. The residential buildings fit together in manageable neighbourhoods to form a diverse quarter, in which each building has its own character and can receive a distinctive address. The generously designed open area along the railway will become a biotope and recreation spaces; although they are functionally separate, they are experienced as an optical unit."

Dr. Ralf Schneider, Group Head of Development at CA Immo: "We have achieved a great result, which outstandingly takes the complexity of the task set into consideration and represents a stable basis for the planning process which now lies ahead. The present design also allows us to honour the promise to the neighbourhood that both the noise protection from the trains functions well and that there is no danger of shading the neighbouring development. In addition, the transition to the neighbouring development has been achieved very well at every point."

The call for proposals for the competition was prepared in close cooperation with the regional capital of Munich and with the agreement of the district. This also included a citizens' workshop and an information event at which concerns were accommodated and which were then also taken into account during the call for entries. In future, both the district and the citizens will be involved in the further process of the upcoming development rights.

A total of 11 firms were invited to compete. The work by teamwork architekten, Munich with HinnenthalSchaar Landschaftsarchitekten GbR, Munich was awarded second place, and the work by florian krieger architektur and städtebau gmbh, Darmstadt with grabner huber lipp landschaftsarchitekten and stadtplaner partnerschaft mbb, Freising, was awarded third place. The design by Peter Haimerl Architektur with leonardhautum, Munich with METTLER Lanschaftsarchitektur, Berlin also received recognition.

All work submitted to the competition can be viewed from 26 July until 5 August 2016 during opening times in the foyer of the Munich planning department (Blumenstrasse 28b, 80331 Munich). The press viewing of the exhibition and for those involved in the project starts on 25 July 2016 at 6pm.

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