Cosa Nostra and Giasinga Buam are History Photo:

Cosa Nostra and Giasinga Buam are History

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An interesting TSV 1860 Munich fan story which happened in the past week went under in the flood of news from Munich due to the unfortunate recent events in the city and in Bavaria. A fan group of the club, the Giesinga Buam 1860 (the Giesing Boys) got their main banners and flags stolen by FC Bayern Munich fans. This disgrace was the reason the fan group disbanded, which has been announced yesterday via Facebook, reports this morning, July 26, 2016. The group’s statement reads as follows:

“Today, on 07.25.2016, the group Giasinga Buam 1860 dissolved. After the loss of two important fence banners we are forced to take this step. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all companions, friends and supporters of the group and at the same time stress that we remain commited to the TSV München, whose curve we have revived in the last eight years and that we will continue to stand up for our beliefs in the future.”

Another, group of Lion’s supporters, the rivalling Cosa Nostra, disbanded about a month ago. Their official statement said nothing about the reasons, but also pledged loyalty to the working class club from Munich-Giesing.

The TSV 1860 Munchen (also known as Löwen or Sechzig, Sechzger) currently competes in the second tier of German football, but the club was the first to bring a Bundesliga title to the Bavarian capital (1966).

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