Bavarian PM: The Past Week has Hit Bavaria in the Gut Photo: Freud - Own Work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Bavarian PM: The Past Week has Hit Bavaria in the Gut

By  Wednesday, 27.7.2016, 10:47    News

Bavarian Politicians, led by Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer, are demanding stricter implementation German asylum related laws and the handling of asylum requests. Epulsion of a rejected applicant into a crisis-hit home region, such as Afghanistan, "should no longer be tabu," said Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, reported yesterday, JUly 26, 2016. He also sees the need to better control the locations where asylum-seekers are placed. The CSU party heads are currently in conclave at the Tegernsee Lake in St. Quirin.

Safety will be in the centre of attention during the 5-day meeting. described the security measures at the Tergensee as unusually strict and there is even armed security personnel on the balconies. The heads of the Bavarian state government will be discussing specific measures to be undertaken in the near future, as well as legislative changes. They are expected to decide on the increase in the numbers of state police officers (up to 500 more are expected to be decided upon), new weapons, new bulletproof wests, more armed vehicles and more internet specialists. Minister of Finance Markus Söder said: “We have to think of the safety of the people living here, and not constantly spend money on those who are coming.”

Bavaria will also exacerbate the registration of refugees and make up for shortcomings in in the processing of those who have already arrived. Often all it takes is an interpreter to uncover lies at the origin. Seehofer suggests that, colourful nationalities are gathered under the "Syrians" and "Afghans" who entered the country without passports. "There are massive problems." He was not willing to accept it for the sake of peace anymore. "The past week has hit Bavaria in the gut," the Bavarian Prime Minister said.

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