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German Comedy Kings in Facebook Feud over Boundaries of Comedy

By  Wednesday, 27.7.2016, 21:47    News

Yes, there is such a thing as German comedy and yes, there are also many stand-up comedians. About a dozen of them are really good too. Two of the most successful German comedy stars are making headlines in the country today, July 27, 2016. Mario Barth (43) is a huge stadium filling act in Germany with his own TV show on private television, a real crowd pleaser. But to real comedy fans, he is what Nickelback are to real music fans.

Said Barth took to Facebook on Friday, July 22, 2016 to let the world know that he doesn’t know what’s going on in the world. The post was about his thoughts on the events in Wurzburg, Nice and Munich. At the beginning of his post he said that he didn’t want to sound as a populist politician, but the rest of the post would make most of them proud. Mario reaped about 60,000 “Likes” and probably went to rest contentedly.

Upper Bavaria’s (Dorfen) Michael Mittermeier (50) commented on the post by Mario Barth yesterday, July 26. Mittermeier is to German comedy what Radiohead are to (Radiohead)music fans. In his post he said that Barth offers excellent stuff for a “Where are the Boundaries of Comedy?” discussion. He said that the post was full of phrases which show Barth’s real intention of “there is no comedian more right-wing than I”. He accused him of using the cheapest tricks in the book of fan-fishing and for spreading fear to raise his popularity. He asked Barth to take the advice from one of the Mario-Barth-T-shirts and “shut his gob”.

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