Munich Police to Copycats: You’ll Pay for the Rest of Your Lives Photo: Facebook Munich Police

Munich Police to Copycats: You’ll Pay for the Rest of Your Lives

By  Friday, 29.7.2016, 14:53    News

Munich police continue to post interesting messages to their Facebook page. Sometimes to inform, sometimes to help one of their colleagues (a recent call on volunteers for stem cell matching) and sometimes to prevent a crime. This time they shared a message for raisers of false alarms. Yesterday, July 28, 2016 they have posted the following message:

“Warning to all Copycats

Currently there are people out there who think it’s “fun” to “play” with the fear of their fellow men. This disgusting behaviour can not only lead to prosecution, there are also significant financial consequences coming for such individuals.

We examine each individual (false) message and determine the causer.

Whoever intentionally and without reason triggers a police operation, must carry the costs. There is no financial ceiling.

It does not matter in which way the hoax is spread (social media, Messenger, orally, etc.).

We charge €54 per officer and hour. If a helicopter is used, € 3460 per hour will be charged.

If several hundreds of officers have to move out, and helicopter used, very quickly an amount that one then has to pay off for a lifetime comes together.

It is important to us to clarify the following:

This warning is only for those who knowingly or intentionally a set a hoax in the world and thereby provoke a police operation.

Whoever informs the police of an emergency to the best of his/her knowledge and belief, must not worry.”

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