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Top 10 Employers in Munich

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Munich and the surrounding area are one of Europe's most dynamic business regions. Major rankings have repeatedly shown the Bavarian capital to be among the leading international business hubs as well. Munich and the surrounding region form the focal point of business activity in the Free State of Bavaria. 21.8 percent of the Bavarian population lives in the Munich region, where they generate 30 percent of the state's Gross Domestic Product. The Bavarian capital is Germany's third-largest employment hub, a total of 776,400 people are employed here and an overall, 1.66 million people are in the region as a whole. Below is a list of the Top 10 employers in Munich, ranked by number of employees. The numbers come from


Top 10 Employers in Munich


1 BMW AG – automotive industry, 34,500 employees in Munich

2 Technical University of Munich (TUM) – higher education and research, 9,800 employees in Munich

3 Stadtwerke Munchen (SWM) – utilities, 9,700 employees in Munich

4 MAN - mechanical engineering, 9,200 employees in Munich

5 Siemens – mixed, 9,000 employees in Munich

6 Allianz – insurance, 8,500 employees in Munich

7 Linde AG – machine engineering, 8,000 employees in Munich

8 Munich Airport – 7,500 employees in Munich

9 Munich Re – reinsurance, 3,600 employees in Munich

10 Stadtsparkasse Munchen – banking, 3,000 employees in Munich


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