Wacker Chemie AG Sales Growth Continues Photo: Wacker

Wacker Chemie AG Sales Growth Continues

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Founded in 1914, Munich headquartered Wacker Chemie AG is one of Munich’s biggest employers. The company has published its second quarter reports on Thursday, July 28, 2016.

“After the first six months of the current fiscal year, WACKER’s operational performance is on a good trajectory,” said CEO Rudolf Staudigl in Munich on Thursday. “For silicon wafers, volumes were still subdued in Q2 2016 because of market conditions. In contrast, our chemical divisions and polysilicon business continued to benefit from strong customer demand. Our sales in the reporting quarter were also positively influenced by polysilicon prices that were noticeably better than at the start of the year. Although the risks for the global economy remain high, we are now confident about reaching the upper end of the forecast range for our 2016 targets due to our good business performance in the first half of the year.”

Relative to the preceding quarter, the number of WACKER employees worldwide remained virtually unchanged in Q2 2016. The Group had 17,081 employees as of June 30, 2016. As of the end of the reporting quarter, WACKER had 12,230 employees in Germany and 4,851 at its international sites.

Wacker Chemie AG provides specialty chemical products worldwide. It operates through five divisions: WACKER SILICONES, WACKER POLYMERS, WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS, WACKER POLYSILICON, and Siltronic. The WACKER SILICONES division offers a portfolio of approximately 2,800 products ranging from silicone fluids and emulsions, resins, elastomers, and sealants, to silanes and pyrogenic silica grades, which are used as starting materials in the production of silicones. The WACKER POLYMERS division manufactures binders and polymeric additives, such as dispersible polymer powders and dispersions used in various industrial applications, or as base chemicals in paints, coatings, paper, and adhesives industries, as well as in the construction industry. The WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS division supplies customized biotech and catalog products for fine chemical sector, including pharmaceutical proteins, cyclodextrins, cysteine, polyvinyl acetate solid resins, organic intermediates, and acetylacetone. This division focuses on customer-specific solutions in the areas of food additives, pharmaceutical actives, and agrochemicals. The WACKER POLYSILICON division produces hyperpure polysilicon for the semiconductor, electronics, and solar sectors. The Siltronic division supplies silicon wafers for various semiconductor manufacturers that are used as raw materials for various semiconductor products, including discrete semiconductor components or microchips.

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