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Summer in Munich – 7 Things to do for €10 or less

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Munich’s daily newspaper TZ has yesterday, July 30, 2016 published an article listing over forty things to do in and around the Bavarian capital during the summer. The suggested activities each cost €10 or less. Below is a choice of 10 things to do in Munich during the summer 2016 on a limited budget.

1 Rowing at the Olympic Lake – impress your better half by romantically doing most of the work on a swan-like pedal boat, or do something for your back and biceps by renting a boat and row like an Olympian. The swan costs €8, while you’ll only have to pay €7 for the rowing boat.

2 Regardless of the weather, you can always swim in Munich. Choose between swimming at one of the city’s bathing lakes or in the Isar River, you can do both for free. Munich offers many public in- and outdoor pools. At most of them you’ll get in for about €5

3 Visit one of the Bavarian capital’s landmark sights, the Olympic Tower and have a look at the city from a height of 185 metres. The elevator gets you up in about 30 seconds and the fun only costs €7. You can visit from Monday to Sunday from 9am to midnight. If you budget is not limited to the €10, you can have lunch at the revolving restaurant atop the tower.

4 On Sunday’s you can get into any of the Pinakothek’s, the Five Continents Museum, the Museum Mensch, The Bavarian National Museum and others for just €1. This leaves enough funds for a nice cold Mass of beer at one of the nearby beer gardens.

5 There is another interesting museum, which you can even visit for free. The BMW World at the Olympiapark 1. You can reach it with the U3 line and visit any day of the week.

6 A walk doesn’t cost anything and one of the most interesting walks, especially if you’re in Munich with kids is a walk along the Planetenweg (walk of planets) at the east shore of the Isar River. The walk begins at the Deutsches Museum and ends at the Hellabrunn Zoo. The walk is about 4.5 kilometres long and takes you past the planets of the solar system.

7 You can visit three castles which are part of the Nymphenburg Park for as little as €4.50. Kids up to the age of 18 get in for free.

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