Amazon Prime Now Launched in Munich

Amazon Prime Now Launched in Munich

By  Wednesday, 3.8.2016, 17:48    News

The mornings when you woke up only to find out that the sweet mustard jar for you Weisswurst breakfast is empty, don’t mean that you have to get dressed and go buy some anymore. You can have the mustard delivered to you before your Weisswurst gets cold.

Amazon has launched its Amanzon Prime Now service in the Bavarian capital today, August 3, 2016 the company announced in a press release. After becoming a member of the service, you can now order from Amazon and have your stuff delivered in an hours’ time. If you are willing to pay €6.99 extra. If you can wait for two hours, the service comes without extra charge if your order is worth more than €20. To use Prime Now, customers have to download a free app for Android or iOS to their smartphone or tablet.

Customers can order everyday items, packaged fresh and frozen foods, personal hygiene items, beverages, electronics, toys and - regional specialties. So Munich Customers can order fresh pastries from Rischart, sweet mustard from Händlmaier, dairy products from Berchtesgader Land and last, but not least Augustiner Lager Hell.

The Bavarian capital is the second city in Germany where Amazon offers the service. In Berlin, the service has been introduced on May 11, 2016.

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Gunther Braun

Born in northern Germany, Günther moved to Bavaria at an early age, falling in love with Munich and its magical mountains and lakes to the south. 

A keen hiker and computer programmer by profession, Günther is keen to make the world of Munich more accessible to the English-speaking world. You can contact him on [email protected] 

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