Pokémon Go Ban in Bavaria’s Parks? Photo: CCO Public Domain

Pokémon Go Ban in Bavaria’s Parks?

By  Saturday, 6.8.2016, 12:37    News

Pokémon hunting fever has taken the Bavarian capital and players don’t stop at cultural heritage, says the Bavarian Palaces and Lakes Management (Bayerische Schlösser- und Seenverwaltung), according to news from abendzeitung-muenchen.de from yesterday, August 5, 2016.

The mega popular game has made Bavaria’s and Munich’s parks destinations not only for people interested in cultural heritage and those looking for a nice place for a relaxing walk, but also eager "Gotta Catch 'Em All" players. The Bavarian Palaces and Lakes Management wouldn’t normally have anything against the new visitors to the park, but they claim that Pokémon Go players are littering a lot. According to Bayern24, the Management has already contacted Niantec, the makers of the game, to politely ask them to remove parks such as the ones in the major parks in Würzburg, Bamberg, Bayreuth and Coburg, as well as the Nymphenburg Palace as game locations.

Ines Holzmüller, spokeswoman for the Palaces and Lakes Management, explained the step with dramatic words: "Since it went massive, ther is risk to self-endangerment and security."

Niantic acknowledged receipt of the request. Whether the company will comply with the request from Bavaria, is not yet known.

Pokémon Hotspots in Munich (by bavyria.by)

Englischer Garten: Lapras has been sighted here! Although, we are not surprised that he likes this place.

Chinese Tower: This is a highly competitive arena! Go for it!

Silberhornstraße (Subway station): The rare Porygon has been spotted here several times already!

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