New Rules for Concertgoers

New Rules for Concertgoers

By  Sunday, 7.8.2016, 14:03    News

Barbadian superstar Rihanna is in Munich today for a concert at the city’s Olympic Stadium and as at the Andreas Gabalier concert at the same venue a week ago, concert goers have to be prepared for some new rules for bigger gatherings, such as stadium concerts, reports today, August 8, 2016.

The controls at the entrances are now much stricter than before to ensure safety at majoer events and concerts. Larger handbags, backpacks, helmets and everything else you don’t need at the concert are better left somewhere else during the events. Live Nation CEO Marek Lieberberg announced the stricter measures earlier this week in a statement. Both the Rihanna and the Gabalier concerts are organised by Live Nation.

The new measures at the entrances mean that it is going to take more time to get into the venue and that concertgoers are going to have to plan to arrive earlier than they were used to before. If you only bring necessary thing with you, such as mobile phone and a purse, the controls will take less time and you are helping yourself and the organisers.

In the statement issued by Lieberberg, he also said that culture is an essential feature odf a free and open society and that society has to maintain its normal life, but that the increasing threat has made it an imperative to significantly extend protection for visitors to the events, as well as artists and staff. Joint efforts and increased vigilance are essential. At the same time we will of course examine all safety aspects in advance in a dialogue with the relevant authorities and the police.

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