Rucksack Chaos at Rihanna Concert Photo: Facebook

Rucksack Chaos at Rihanna Concert

By  Monday, 8.8.2016, 10:13    News

Rihanna has visited the Bavarian capital for a concert at the Olympic Stadium. 41,500 fans enjoyed an excellent show by the 28-year-old Barbadian superstar, even though the concert only lasted short 90 minutes. Celebrities from Munich, such as FC Bayern Munich stars Mats Hummels, David Alaba, Robert Lewandowski and others, also flocked to the stadium, reports today, August 8, 2016.

Video: Rihanna at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, August 7, 2016

As we had written yesterday, new safety rules have been introduced for big concerts at the Olympic Stadium and elsewhere following the July shooting rampage at the OEZ shopping mall when 9 people were killed by a teenager. Those new safety measures caused queues at the entrances to the stadium and for hectic discussion amongst concertgoers. Backpacks and larger bags weren’t allowed inside the stadium. Whoever was carrying to the stadium, had to leave them at the entrance and had to pay €1.5 for them to be kept at improvised wardrobes at the entrances.

Since there was no exact definition on what presented a “larger bag”, the decisions were made by safety personnel, so it happened that one “larger bag” made it into the stadium, while a bag of the same size at another entrance had to be kept at the wardrobe. However, the majority of Rihanna fans showed understanding for the queues and the longer waiting times.

As we reported, Rihanna arrived in Munich on the day of the concert and left the Bavarian capital right after it. She had previously planned to stay for a few nights at the city’s Bayerischer Hof Hotel, but decided not to spend a night there after the OEZ shooting.

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